Friday, August 14, 2009

The Green Royal

These are two handles bag. I started this project in the middle of June. Yes, long time ago! It's done but not completely yet. I don't like sewing but it's important to complete my project. There are so many pieces; two handles, front & back side, gusset, two small pockets, sewing 4 buttons for the handles and also 2 buttons for the pockets, lining fabric and zipper.
I was wondering myself. How could I do that?

Let's see the coming out would be great! I believe that.

I'm not a pro. The colors are different!

I've already completed it!

The buttons are too small.

This is my favorite novel. It talked about Siam's people (Thailand in present) in the early of this dynasty. With lots of love, knowledge of culture, honest and loyalty.

These are my belonging.

1 comment:

Marico said...

Hello Sahm!
Thanks for your comment. I don't speak English very well, sorry. My language is Portuguese.
I love this bag, it´s beautiful! I want to make one too.

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