Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Coming Winter Scarf

This is an adapted pattern. I had an inspiration from my friend's project mitsue from ravelry who knitted her scarf beautifully. They look lovely in difference. I can't upload that photo here. Its copyright!

I recommend using a stitch marker.

A sample

Graphic Design Scarf
By miinemost

Size 10 needles (6.0 mm)
3 skeins of Ornaghi Filati Lana d'Irlanda
A cable needle
Stitch Marker (I recommend)

16 stitches, 20 rows = 4 inches

C8F = slip 4 sts. to cn and hold in front , k4 then k4 from cn
C8B = slip 4 sts. to cn and hold in back, k4 then k4 from cn

Cast on 58 stitches
Row 1: Knit all across
Row 2: Purl all across

Row 3: Slip1, C8F, k8, C8F, k8, C8F, k8, C8F, k1

Row 4: Slip1 then purl to end
Row 5: slip1 then knit to end
Row 6: repeat row 4
Row 7: repeat row 5
Row 8: repeat row 4
Row 9: repeat row 5
Row 10: repeat row 4

Row 11: Slip1, k8, C8B, k8, C8B, k8, C8B, k9
Row 12: repeat row 4
Row 13: repeat row 5
Row 14: repeat row 4
Row 15: repeat row 5
Row 16: repeat row 4
Row 17: repeat row 5
Row 18: repeat row 4

Then repeat row 3-18 to designed length.
Bind off on row 5.

I recommend using the stitch marker on every row 3 and 11 because you would get the same length of this pattern.
Thank you!

After note:
This pattern has been corrected on row 18, thanks so much!
Have fun:)


Nile e Richard said...

Oi amiga,bom dia.
Vim te fazer uma visitinha.
Adorei o seu blog com todos estes lindos trabalhos.
Pela primeira vez te ofereço um mimo 266,espero que goste.
Bom fim de semana para voce.

deebriese said...

Wow I love your stuff! Your a great designer and design what people are wearing. I find your directions easy to follow! Thanks!

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