Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swallowtail Shawl

I finally finished it!! There were many problems because it's my first lace shawl. You had no idea what they were; just look at the photo below. They happened so many times in many rows. Sometimes I really want to shout out loud and blame myself. Why did I miss it again and again? But I realized something that I've got from this. I would not know about fixing these problems if they've never happened. Now I think I'm really good!!

My huge problems.

Sunday, August 31, 2009

When I've first seen this pattern; it's scared me so much! Why's that? You have to see yourself. There are a lot of charts that I'm not good and also have many instructions. But I had no idea why this pattern is very popular, if it's really difficult. There are more than five thousand projects be knitted, that has shown something!

I tell myself I'll try some. I prefer instruction to chart so I've just followed this.
I've knitted for a few rows it still be easy. We'll see what's up next!

I first used big size circular needles (US.6); so it came out as the first photo. I didn't feel good with that. I've changed to smaller one (US.3) making my work neatly and color also beautiful.

This yarn is very,very soft!
Soft Concious (ソフトコンシャス)


Marico said...

Hi Meow!
Beautiful yarn. I love this color.

miinemost said...

Sawasdee ka Marico,
Thank you so much. I'm back to knit this again after finishing my Textured Shawl. You know this one is easier and I didn't make a mistake! But taking a photo is something else. I don't know how to make it looks beautiful as it should be. It hasn't completed yet!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, it's cool!

miinemost said...

Hi eazyliztening,
Thank you so much!

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