Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Birds

Big Brother

It is an extremely exciting.
Look up on a Mok Tree, there is a couple of birds who living there 
with two babies. I secretly take a peek on them every day 
seeing their parent always fly to feed them all day. 
Baby birds, they grow up so quickly after eating very well.
Do both father and mother have time to feed themselves?
A few days ago, 
they didn't have any feather on their heads,
but when I see them now their bodies are full with brown feather. 

An important thing is a black knot on the 
middle of their heads. That is a reason why we call them 
"Knot Bird"... Spigot Bird?
It is much value!
Because of its sound, so much beautifully.
Let them sing out there, to sing for all of us!

Their nest

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