Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Inspiration to Sew

I'm a search engine to find anything looks lovely and beautiful 
while I'm taking a break from knitting
I found many blogs which are very interesting and 
including people who wrote those blogs. Lots of fantastic 
imagination has shown off their beautiful projects
that inspired me.
One of those I'm going to make for my first sewing craft. 
When I had seen it, I thought it wasn't easy, but I'm in 
love with colors! I'll try my best.

1..2..3 Start

Before anything else I have to clean up my sewing machine, 
I had bought it for many years since my baby girl was a child and 
she's 23 years old by now. 
Wish me luck to no need to buy the new one.
I also have some pretty fabrics in different colors in my stash 
by ordering from online shop and some of them is free. 
That's great sometimes:)

I have to create my own project to avoid making 
any mistake, it would help if you're new for something. 
I would love to share with you my photos, 
but no sunshine today, waiting for another day, please.

I look forward to sharing with you my fabrics. not my project,
it's still lay on my table. Hmmm..

Thanks for reading

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