Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm not a Robin of Sherwood!!

I had five days off for a holiday, 
and took a trip to Kanjanaburi; a famous province on a movie 
Unfortunately, a lot of raindrops!!
I missed reading your lovely post, and seeing what you had done
because I had stayed in the wood!
No WiFi there, I had to stick around the counter service 
and that's too crazy. 

Interesting activities!! 


 We had breakfast and dinner here.

There are a lot of trees, most of them are Thai flower trees
which have a very good smell.

But, he is the most!!!
Back to my CRAFT

I had finished this blanket before I had a holiday, as usual
I completely love colors:)

Baby blanket size

Stripe and Dot

Hand Quilting, By ME!!! 

Thanks for your patience, drop by again.

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