Friday, June 10, 2011

A Book Jacket Of Mine

 I sewed this book jacket for my daughter, 
it wasn't an exactly tutorial which to like a pro! 
I had measured of width and length, then cut fabric, 
 seam allowance of 1/4" for sewing, 
included 2" extra for the cover and the back.
You can make it yourself, believe me!!

I used these pieces of fabric 
and stirdy fusible interfacing.

After sewing three pieces of the jacket together, 
open seams and press. 


Mark at where center of interfacing and the cover.
You should know the interfacing has a smaller size than the cover, 
so it has to be marked to ensure that they match.
After fusing onto the wrong side, I lay the lining onto 
the right side of the fabric. 


And sew them together by skipping a bottom edge
of the cover to sew by hand later.

Fold the cover for 2" then sew the top and the bottom
of the cover, and also do to the back side.

 Like this

Don't forget to sew the bottom edge, 
I sewed it by hand if you don't mind!?!?

Front side.............

Back side............

A finished book jacket of Mine by me
Thank you so much to drop by my blog!

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