Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Miss Crocheting

I had stopped knitting and crocheting since last year, 
and kept everything in my big basket.
When I saw this project (above) while I was searching on 
the Internet this morning, 
and that made me happy to crochet again.
I would love to make anything about a baby;
the baby is such an adorable.
This lovely pink blanket inspired me!
So embarrassing to borrow this photo to show you 
how beautiful it is, until my project would be done:)

 I can make my own blanket with my little pieces of fabrics,
and a sweet pink yarn from my stash.
I cut fabric into two and a half inches square, 
just little pieces,
then crochet one by one for three rows, 
and make them a combination!

1 comment:

Estela said...

That is adorable, I will have to try it. Did you sew seams on the fabric pieces. I have just found your blog and I love it. Great inspiration!

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