Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Birthday Gift

Do you want this little cute pouch?
It was made for a birthday gift, and would have been waiting 
for a few months away. I intend to make her a few things,
but what's else?

In the meantime,
I would love to tell you something and please, don't laugh at me,
because I had given myself a big LAUGH! I had kept sewing without 
any doubt. Suddenly when it was done, everything seemed to be clear at all. 
Zipper was up side down! But I love it so much some how. 
It looks great with unique style, 
it was made for me, yeah!!

Which one do you prefer?
What's up next?


Tokoy said...

Wao! So cute!

miinemost said...

Thank you so much, so lovely:)

Kerry said...

It is so tiny! Very sweet!

gill said...

This is gorgeous! You're so clever!!

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