Monday, September 3, 2012

A Sweet Jell-o Potholder

Super Penguin Quilt-Along - August Block - Dishy Treats


I finished my potholder this afternoon, and it turned out great for me.

I love pink!! Most of my fabrics are red and pink, but I buy dark color fabrics 
sometimes. The text prints is so lovely although it is dark blue, and it works
this time. I'll use my sweet potholder tomorrow morning and it's been waiting
 for me in the kitchen ;) I made this potholder by seeing a lovely
 one from  Pink Penquin blog.

6 x 6 inches block before turning into a potholder 



Put your hand up IN, hahaha!!

I used canvas fabric for backside. 

There're four styles of Dishy Treats, I still have three ones left pattern to 
play with. If you drop by next time, you would see the new one. 

Thanks so much for reading:D

1 comment:

Gill said...

I especially love the strawberry!

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