Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Tote Bag

A Tote Bag by miinemost

I used a pattern from ABC patchwork Lesson and chose fabrics 
in pink, red and white. The bag is about 7 inches height and it's perfect 
for a girl to handle. I spent last weekend to finish my little tote bag and it 
turned out great. I had problems with sewing stitches on the top of the bag 
because of the fabric's thickness.

Time for hand sewing!!

12 pieces of fabrics

I'm so excited everytime I made something new. I sat on my chair in front of
my sewing machine all day while my computer was playing my most favorite song
 from time to time. I didn't notice that the time goes by.. for hours...
I really love that moment;)

My tiny world!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog

Have a nice day 


Gill said...

I love your little pink bag!
I wish I could find a copy of the book you're using! I'm still looking!

miinemost said...

Thanks so much for the comment;)

I have a website still selling this book but in chinese copy if you're still interest. I bought mine from Yesasia. You just type "fujita kumiko no patchwork lesson" and click serch. If you don't mind, Japanese or Chinese I can't read both anyway:)

Somehow, I had seen it was sold on etsy but more expensive than Yesasia. I hope you could find it and it's worth!!


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