Monday, June 13, 2011

111 Blocks : Block # 1

Block # 1 

Good morning everyone, did you have a nice weekend?
I've been waiting to see my new book,
which is coming in two weeks at least.
I had taken an order from a local book shop named Asia Books.
Most of Asia Books' books are imported from oversea.
Unfortunately I was a week too late, it had been sold out.
But I think I can wait, and during this time
I'll go shopping for my new fabric.

However, you could see a photo above
that is a Block # 1 was sewed by me without a book.
You may know which book I have mentioned!?!?
 This, or that?
 Don't worry, it is The Farmer's wife Sampler Quilt. 

It is an interesting book because
it is now popular among the quilters, including ME.

The block that I sewed without a book, as I said
I have to wait at least two weeks, but how did I do that?
This was helping me!!
Ayumi made her blocks in her style,
they're so beautiful, aren't they?

Thank to her
Happy sewing:)

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