Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outside My House

I went outside my house to take a break in this afternoon 
and saw a baby...
I brought it once for my dinner last month,
and didn't know this plant's been continuously growing and giving me
a new one.

Yes, I said it's a little baby, because it's approximately 2 inches.
It's a kind of vegetable (or herb) with a bitter tasty, 
but it's so useful for health.
I don't know what you call in English, we call it"Ma-ra" 
in my language(Thai). 
You could see it at the market but it's much bigger than this.
I planted it without any attention and completely forgot
what it is when it's grown up.
Poor Ma-ra!!
It can be cooked in many dishes, but I always cook it for a soup.
My children don't like it because of its taste.

Today, it's a small like this. 
I'll share with you more photos next time,
it's not a baby forever I can guarantee!!

(:Seeing green leaves is good sometimes:)

1 comment:

Tokoy said...

Oh! It's a "Go-Ya" in my country language.
It's eaten as traditional meal of Okinawa.
It's so bitter but my children love it.

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