Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Boring Hour

I've been thinking about my latest sweet blanket that I had 
started since two weeks ago and on the half way.
It's a crocheted blanket and a crochet needle hurt my fingers.
So I always have a time out!

But, searching the Net made me feel 
comfortable and what did I find to day?
 In the photo above, 
it reminds me when I was a child and started playing music.
I played a guitar and sang this song; Donna Donna!?!?

  And this reminds me a game by NIntendo, 
about a bad crow who loved stealing our clothes.
Such a lovely game!!!

And this one, a VOLKSWAGEN!
I heart Volkswagen, who doesn't?
These adorable pillows by the Housesparrow pull me out of a boring hour, 
thanks, thanks!

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