Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pinky One

Remember a pink blanket I had mentioned?
I had posted about this and this since a few weeks ago.
I prayed while I was crocheting my baby blanket.
Why was that? 
Because I didn't have enough yarn! 

I had used quite a lot of yarn for little piece of fabric each,
then more yarn to combine them and for border on the last row.
There for I had needed to change the blanket size into a new one.
72 pieces, smaller than I had planed,

but it's still working for a baby:)

72 pieces
What a pity!
I had to trim off.
 This is a crocheted project for now,
but I'm still waiting to get my FW' Book and my fabric.
I'll keep my eyes on my mail box!!

I hope you have a wonderful day,
and happy doing craft:)


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