Tuesday, October 18, 2011



MOST is going on 16 year-old on this October 24th!
When my son was a little boy, he had addicted to two things 
which one was a towel now is still in his clothes drawer. I remember 
he couldn't ever sleep without his towel. It's so old and never
got washing! I used to have it washed that made him cried so much.

Another one was a baby nipple, the GREEN one! 
Once we went to Singapore, and I left it on a cab. A terrible night 
in Singapore, but it's fortunately not late that night. So we had to
go out to find the green baby nipple, and this is the last one
before he stopped addicting to both of them.

This is his new blanket made by me for his birthday.
It actually hasn't done yet. I haven't finished on the back side, 
until then, take a bit more time!

By the way,
the flood is coming!! I have had to pack everything on 
downstairs and move them to upstairs as many as I could,
but I'm ready, we are all ready!

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