Friday, July 27, 2012

My Pillow : Popsicles

Pops will make you forget the heat. That’s what pops are for. 
 Really, I can’t believe how many pops I’ve been sewing lately, but I can’t help it,
 it’s really fun! But you can't eat them at all, hahaha!

 Vanilla with chocolate covered is my most favorite popsicle.

Before I sewed these lines I had to cover my work with paper 
and drew the line first. Because this could help my work turning out great.
You could see it actually be pretty gooood ;)

I remembered when I was a child, there was a paper covered on 
a popsicle like this. You have to peel off paper before you eat it. Hmmm, 
it reminds me;) 

 I almost forgot to tell you these adorable popsicle patterns belong to Pink Penquin.
Drop by her blog if you want to sew your own popsicles...


I finally finished my pillow after a week ago. 

I'm so much grateful for Tamiko from Patchwork note to inspire me this pillow. 

And what's next?
I'm looking for something would give me an inspiration.

Thanks so much for reading;)
Have a good weekend!!


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