Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girl's Flutter Blouse

I have finished this little girl blouse, pink and yellow flower since yesterday evening. This pattern was not complicated, but I had some problems sometimes. Since I had not known where to start. When you do not like sewing, always feel frustrated, fix it!! I turned myself to knit or crochet instead. But two years ago I started to sew again. I had the opportunity to see beautiful fabrics. I really love fabric prints.

To start sewing with pincushion, potholder..brrr..simple projects. Sewing clothes was hard for me because I stopped sewing quite a long time, decades! But I'm glad that this blouse has been completed and was pleased with the results that came out.

Short-sleeved blouse with small scales. Adding some details to the front of the blouse. I hemed the edges of the collar and sleeves with beige colour. 

This pattern's from Sew Daily 

She wore it pretty much.

I couldn't find a little girl, a five-year-age, to wear my blouse!!

  The back side is perfect for this summer. Especially in Thailand where the weather is very hot. I need some shorts to put together.

If you try this pattern, let me know how cute your blouse is!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your life ^^


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